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Westchester Dental, P.C. is dedicated to providing you with results that will make you proud to smile. We work hard to offer you personalized care and service to make sure your experience with us is a relaxing one.

We regularly attend advanced dental seminars, making sure to stay on top of the latest techniques and technology. So whether you need a simple filling or a full cosmetic reconstruction, we have the knowledge and equipment to meet your needs with the best treatment the industry has to offer.

When patients leave our practice it is very apparent that our staff generally gets along and most importantly, loves what they do. Our dental team has allowed for a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

our great team

  • Dr. Daniela L. Hijazin
    Dr. Daniela L. Hijazin DDS
  • Edith Pirinea
    Edith Pirinea Office Manager
  • Angela De Mott
    Angela De Mott assistant office manager
  • Rose Henri
    Rose Henri RDH (Treatment Staff)
  • Alexa Luiso
    Alexa Luiso RDH
  • Rita Moreno
    Rita Moreno
  • virtually everyone wants a good doctor and is not only a great practitioner of dentistry, what truly stands out for me is her of good human traits being. from my first contract back in 2011, when the informative staff issued initial dental paperwork; too friendly courteous dental assistants, she and team as a whole exceeded all of my expectations. As a valued customer, l found each and every procedure: from on time appointments to emergencies, was dealt with in a family orientated atmosphere. Many dental offices have a habit of inflicting unnecessary applications for a financial gain; here its questions asked of us together, "What do we think going forward?" No pressure. Trust me.

    Elwood Dudley
    Elwood Dudley
  • Westchester Dental, Dr. H and her great staff are so good that I recommended my grand- daughter to be their patient.  I Knew Emily, would fall in love with the professional and caring staff . Dr. H is the perfect composite of great skill and tender touch that everyone seeks.  The office is so convenient.  I was right! Emily enjoyed her visit and grandmother continues to be a great resource for good ideas. win-win. .

    Suzanne Scherer
    Suzanne Scherer
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Daniela Hijazin for over 10 years. Her warm, friendly and caring manner helps create a "feel good feeling” when you meet her.  You feel like a friend rather than a patient. The office staff is very helpful and accommodates me quickly when any dental issues arise. The beautiful  new, and clean office is comfortable and welcoming. Dr H is professional, intelligent, and knowledgeable . I’m glad to have her as a   member of my medical team!  I highly recommend Dr. Hijazin to anyone looking for a new dentist.

    Marlene Rennert
    Marlene Rennert